Do you want to reach 100,000 plus potential customers?


Available in printed and digital format our maps are distributed freely.

The maps can be uploaded to phones from the print version or
downloaded directly from the website. The printed version of the map
is used mainly in Hotels, Hostel and Guesthouses. Our tear off maps
are aimed at the short stay visitor. It is a low cost effective tool
to reach potential customers.

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Digital Maps

Advertise on the digital version and your advertisement will be up on the map within a week. Adverts are sold for a four month period

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Printed Maps

We publish a print version of our maps three times a year. These are A3 size and printed on both sides. The front has the same coverage as the digital map. The reverse is an enlargement of the centre of the town or city. Normally we print 100,000 copies of a map and these are made up into pads of 25 or 50 sheets.

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Customised Maps

Tear Off Maps can customise a map or generate a completely new map to a clients specifications.




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